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The Sarah Fraser Show

A podcast featuring a variety of guests, nsfw topics, and discussions of all kinds. From pop-culture to Sarah's unconventional marriage and mom journey, Sarah will talk to anyone.

Apr 26, 2017

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Paul's trip to Coachella, is it strange Sarah's boyfriend won't talk to her while using the bathroom? Is Aaron Hernandez's gay lover really a gay lover if it's in prison? And a new support group encourages alcoholics to keeping drinking. The Hey Frase podcast features Sarah Fraser and Paul Wharton sharing...

Apr 19, 2017

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Sarah is done waiting in line for a 5 star restaurant because they're always disappointing. Does she have a point or sh*&ty tastebuds. Sarah and Paul discuss the DaddyOFive Youtubers being investigated by child services, Paul thinks the kid was in on it! Advertise with the Hey Frase podcast:...

Apr 12, 2017

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Birthday party disaster! Sarah’s niece had a bday party and no one showed up! Should Sarah’s brother be mad at the parents of the now show kids? Paul wants to get liposuction and Sarah objects…does she need to butt out of Paul’s life? A love pill that will keep you in love with your spouse, and Sarah and Paul...

Apr 11, 2017

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We've moved! We're no longer on PodcastOne. Download the Podomatic app. Sarah's friend was uninvited from a wedding and blocked from the bride's phone, would you demand a face to face meeting with the bride for an explanation? Plus, Paul Wharton story of being turned away from the famous Grey Gardens home in the...

Apr 10, 2017

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A special treat loves! We're posting our December live show for you to enjoy! The show went down 12/9/16 at the DC Improv featuring special guest and DC celebrity Paul Wharton, Sarah and Samy K play 'do you stand by it,' Deep Thoughts From the Men on Tinder, Sarah reviews a penis and...